Rain-Sensing Wipers Are Available for the Ford C-MAX

While smart features continue to grow and develop, we are hard at work incorporating these features into our latest models. The popular compact hybrid Ford C-MAX has a plethora of smart features. Here is one in particular.

Available are rain-sensing wipers that automatically activate when the rain begins to fall during your journey.

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Room for the Essentials in the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Whoever said that sedans don't have enough cargo room hasn't seen the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This popular hybrid sedan has plenty of room to store small items throughout the cabin.

In the front is a deep center console. An armrest lets you get comfortable. If you need a place to stash some items, simply lift the rest up and expose a deep storage compartment. 

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Technology Makes the Ford EcoSport Safer

The Ford EcoSport is a great choice of compact SUV for families and new drivers. Its latest technology was created with driver safety and security in mind.

The MyKey feature allows you to program your keys to function on restricted operating modes that encourage safe and responsible driving. Limit top speeds or promote seat belt use and decreased radio volume to ensure that your new drivers are operating the vehicle safely in your absence.

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Ford F-150 Capability Features

There are tremendous numbers of families moving cross-country to seek new home environments. One of the most important needs of families in transition, is the ability to haul large loads easily on roadways. Can your truck handle the hauling demands of a family on the move? Ford models are designed for people with big moving dreams, and the expectations of difficult moving tasks.

Moving from a city like Plainwell, to a more family-friendly environment is a great choice. The relocation however, could involve some complications. 

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Ford Explorer Comes Equipped with Countless Capability Features

What makes the Ford Explorer yet again a popular SUV that drivers love? This year it could be due in part to the capability features.

Although there is more than enough room inside the Ford Explorer, you never know when you may need extra space for fishing gear or those suitcases when going on vacation. The new Ford Explorer comes with the side roof rails for securing anything you need to the top of these spacious SUV. 

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Ford Fusion Design Features You Should Know

Want to ride in luxury and style? Then the all new Ford Fusion is just for you. Ford has really updated the design of this sedan so that it is sportier and a tad more stylish than the previous versions. You can see the differences mainly in the grill design and the LED headlamps, but there are also trims that come with fog lights and spoilers.

The interior of the Fusion has also been upgraded. The high-grade cloth materials mix between hard and soft to give you a luxury feel even if you don't opt for the leather upgrades…

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Why the Summer Tires are Better Than All-Season Tires

The team here at Zeigler Plainwell Ford wanted to help inform our community about the reasons why this time of year it is better to have summer tires on your car. Compared to the all-season tires, the summer tires offer better handling, grip, and cornering.

The summer tires are manufactured with fewer grooves than that of the all-season tires. Fewer grooves in the treads mean more material will contact the road and make it less likely to lose control when cornering.

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What’s Are The Differences Between The Ford Edge And The Ford Escape?

If you’re looking for a 5-passenger Ford SUV to buy but you can’t decide which one, you’re in the right place. While both the Ford Edge and the Ford Escape are great SUV options, each one features unique characteristics. If you drive around Kalamazoo, Portage and Grand Rapids, read on to see which SUV is right for you at Zeigler Ford of Plainwell:

1. 2018 Ford Edge Midsize SUV

The 2018 Ford…

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The Ford Mustang Is the Perfect Sports Car

The Ford Mustang is the ultimate sports car and is ranked as such consistently every year by leading industry experts like U.S.News. The perfect car for the perfect ride, the Ford Mustang will never disappoint.

Drivers can be confident behind the wheel with the available driver technological assists like the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and Lane-Keeping System.

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